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Centre for Citizen Science and Biodiversity Informatics (CCSBI) is eager to develop- CitSci Networks- collaborations with various stakeholders of citizen science to generate biodiversity and environmental data and democratise science. Our goal is to get the public involved in scientific research and nature conservation. Some of our CitSci Network partner groups are:

Academic and research institutions

Academic and research institutions play a crucial role in the Citizen Science Movement. You can start by assessing the biodiversity on your campus and participating in existing large-scale citizen science programmes anywhere with the support of the Centre for Citizen Science & Biodiversity Informatics. As a part of our network, students and faculty will have the opportunity to attend workshops, training programs, and events hosted by CCSBI, further enriching their educational experience. There is also potential to co-develop citizen science programmes to address issues in your area. Join us in our mission to gather valuable biodiversity and environmental data, enrich your research, and enhance knowledge and foster scientific literacy among your students. Contact us to join the growing network!

Academic/Research institutes


Non-governmental organizations

Citizen science provides non-governmental organizations working in the area of nature conservation with the unique opportunity to gather valuable environmental data while fostering positive attitudes towards conservation. The program aims to introduce popular citizen science platforms to local communities, and we welcome NGOs to collaborate with the Centre for Citizen Science & Biodiversity Informatics in co-developing projects suitable to your area, organizing biodiversity surveys, conservation-focused workshops, etc. Together, we can make a difference in protecting our natural world. Contact us to join the growing network!

Citizen Science Clubs

The Citizen Science Club is a unique initiative designed for college students to learn about biodiversity, research methodologies, and tools through hands-on experience. As members of the club, you will be encouraged to learn the tools, start your own citizen science projects and make a difference in your local community. This is an incredible opportunity for students from all backgrounds to gain practical knowledge and skills in a supportive and inclusive environment. Join us today and become a part of the citizen science movement. Contact us to join the growing network!

Citizen Science Clubs

Public libraries

Public libraries

Public libraries have a vital role to play in promoting citizen science. By creating a local biodiversity database or by recording the environmental data you can help the researchers and managers to address the local as well as global issues. Our goal is to provide library members with proper training and support to carry out citizen science programmes, and make it accessible and impactful for everyone. We invite public libraries to contact us to start a collaboration. Contact us to join the growing network!